Sweaty Palms - Hollywood Wax EP (Fuzzkill Records)

Recent alumni of our Green Door Supergroups sessions (which have also included Happy Meals, Laura St Jude, Psychic Soviets, Deathcats, Whilst, and Naked), Sweaty Palms Hollywood Wax EP oozes ferile garage-noir and is out now on Fuzzkill Records.

The Creeping Ivies - The Witch House EP (Flowers In The Dustbin Records)

Now relocated to Glasgow and with a new 3 piece line up The Creeping Ivies spooktastic new EP is out now on Flowers In The Dustbin Records.

Seconds - Split LP with Joya (Soft Power Records)

Seconds debut release of winning garage pop is a split LP with London band Joya on Soft Power Records.

Junto Club - Junto Club EP (Optimo Music)

Junto Club's eponymous debut EP is packed full of suave disco nihilism and is out now on Optimo Music.

Laura St Jude - Yours To Destroy/I Can't Stop Loving You 7" (Off Records)

Laura St Jude's sumptuous new double A side 7" is out now on the German label 'Off Records'

Alasdair Roberts - Eponymous LP (Drag City)

Ally was one of our first ever clients when we opened our doors way back in 2008. We are extremely happy to have our favourite troubadour return to the studio to record his first album with us since 'Spoils' (voted 4th best album of 2009 by Wire magazine).His new eponymously titled LP has been gathering excellent reviews and is out now on Drag City.

New Studio Toys!

First update in a while due to our website having rather bizarrely been temporarily taken over by an unsavoury extremist organization. But we're back now with the good news that we have some new toys to play with in the studio.
Graeme Ronald from Remember Remember has very generously donated his wonderful Roland Juno 6 analog synth to our collection of studio synths (which include a Korg MS10 and Roland SH-101). Thanks Graeme!
We also have a lovely new set of MPA analog valve pre-amps, a fantastic DBX 165A compressor from the late 1970's, and our Roland RE-150 Space Echo tape delay unit has just been refurbished with brand new heads.
And finally a big thanks to Tom-Leyland-Collins for helping us get our plate reverb unit up and working to add to our existing Spring Reverb unit.

Glasgow, Ghana and Belize - Collaborative Recording Project

The Green Door Studio is pleased to announce that it has been awarded funding from Celebrate (Big Lottery Fund) to commence a year-long collaborative recording project with members of Golden Teacher, Whilst, Vudu Zoo, J-Jems and Froth and youth music groups located at Tafi Atome Cultural Village in Volta Region, Ghana and Lebeha Drum Center in Hopkins, Belize. A total of 22 young musicians from the three countries will collaborate to write, perform and record an album of 9 songs (recorded and mixed at Green Door and using our mobile recording studio on site in Ghana and Belize) to be released on vinyl on Optimo Music in June 2015.

On Friday September 26th from 10pm-3am at Glasgow Art School, we will also be holding a fundraiser to raise money to buy music and recording equipment we can donate to the youth music projects we are working with in Ghana and Belize, featuring DJ sets by JD Twitch (Optimo), Ghana Soundz and Green Door DJ's and live sets by a super-group of Whilst featuring members of Golden Teacher. Tickets 4/5 in advance/6/7 on the door.

Green Door - Resident Advisor Article

Online electronic music bible Resident Advisor have done a nice piece on the electronic music that's been coming out of our studio in Glasgow over the last couple of years...

Hausfrau - Night Tides (Unknown Pleasures Records)

Glasgow's queen of minimal wave Hausfrau has had her Green Door recorded debut LP Night Tides released by French label Unknown Pleasures. Night Tides collection of neon torch songs and synth noir is available in a sumptuous CD gatefold package from here...