Some Songs Side By Side

Cracking 2012 underground Glasgow compilation from the lovely folk at Monorail, Stereo and RE:PEATER. Five of the eight bands were recorded and mixed in the Green Door studio and there are still some copies of the impressively packaged ltd edition vinyl box set (including artwork by the likes of David Shrigley and Richard Wright) for sale in Monorail record shop.

The release has had some very nice write-ups including this one here..

Green Door News - July 2012

Here's some splendid new additions brought kicking and screaming into the world of music from our humble little analogue studio.

Some top notch afro-acid-disco for a limited time only (we're guessing as we haven't done the final mixes yet and this is probably going to be snapped up for a vinyl release). The reference mixes for the Green Door Disco band featuring Members of Silk Cut, Blue Sabbath Black Fiji, and Ultimate Thrush are available for free download from

Marc Riley favourites Glasgow / Manchester band Post have just released the first single from their excellent new album. Check out the video at

We finally got the opportunity to record perennial Green Door favourites Gummy Stumps, and the exquisitely tasty results have been released in an extremely limited dub plate box set but are also available for download from where you can check out their Green Door holiday video.

Wife Vs Secretary also have a fan in Marc Riley, and just fresh from doing a session on his radio show have put up a video for the rather wonderful RA RA Girls which you can view at

Debut EP of savvy immaculately well dressed pop recorded just last month from the extremely talented Saint Max is available for download from

And last but not least - Dundee's The Creeping Ivies have an EP of blistering and spooky rock'n'roll which has been getting radio play and interest all over the States. You can download it for free from here , and watch the video for lead track ghost train here

Jacob Yates & The Pearly Gate Lock Pickers - Luck

“Dirty, but melodic, great. The Yates’ know how rock ‘n’ roll should sound!” – Kowalskiy

“Single of the Fortnight. 5 stars. ‘Can’t Stop’ is all tumbling drums, twangy chords and plonking piano from the ex-Uncle John and Whitelock boys. They call it ‘doom-wop, and who are we to argue?” – The List

“Outrageous Glasgow Rock ‘n’ Roll teleported from the Fifties dance halls and replete with the colourful language and humour of the city...You will not be dissappointed“ - Artrocker

"Tinged with the street preaching madness of an early years Nick Cave, Lovatt‘s gritted storytelling and red raw delivery is truely one of the cities most exhilarating thrills" – Drowned In Sound

"’Can’t Stop’ will invite comparisons with Nick Cave. There’s a definitely exciting air of menace about Yates’ vocal and the crunching garage-rock guitar riffs and bluesy piano give the song an unstoppable energy” – The 405

She's Hit - Pleasure

“Fantastically energetic indie punk from a band who sound like the ungodly sons of The Cramps and the Jesus & Mary Chain. One Day all bands will be made this way” – The Devil Has The Best Tuna

“Raw, trashy post-punk in honest thrall to The Fall. It’s great” – The List

"It doesn’t come a lot better than this: a massive wall of noise constructed from prefabricatedslabs of Jesus and Mary Chain, Suicide and The Cramps. Shrill guitar, deep, pounding drums and mono-toned vocals drenched in reverb are the basic components! So what’s not to like?!“ - Artrocker

"Visceral quartet She’s Hit have definitely hit the button. A spewing throb of clanging guitar and bombastic percussion, their nasal art-punk endeavours sneer out like The Fall sodomising The Cramps at their most ragged. She’s Hit will outlast the blogosphere’s hype." – Drowned In Sound

"She’s Hit create a stunning sound.. It’s so dirty you want to roll around in it in some display of base animalism. It’s unashamedly noisy but utterly irresistible” – The 405

Alasdair Roberts - 'Spoils' voted 4th best album of 2009

Alasdair Roberts album 'Spoils' has been voted the fourth best album of 2009 by Wire magazine who also feature him on the cover of the forth coming March issue. The recording studio and those involved, get a mention in the article. The album was recorded by at the Green Door Studio by Sam Smith assisted by Emily MacLaren, over 2008. 'Spoils' is available on Drag City records DC392 CD. From the same sessions he's also drawn material for his current EP The Wyrd Meme DC394, which is also available from Drag City on 12inch EP, CD or digital download.